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Application for advance expertise on CURIE

Advanced HPC expertise is proposed by the Maison de la SImulation to Curie PRACE users 

This service is designed to help users to adapt their applications in order to take advantage of maximum raw computing power of new Curie HPC systems. This is a difficult task which require a real experience and specialist knowledge. Therefore, in order to make the best possible use of the hours you were awarded on the Curie system, the Maison de la Simulation can provide, in addition to the support given by the TGCC computing center, a high-end expertise for code development and optimization. This services imply collaborative work between your team and HPC experts from the Maison de la Simulation. This service is an answer to a strong need for help for users who do not have neither the resources nor the technical experience to develop new codes, or adapt old to architectures available on CURIE HPC system.

Typical issues that are handled by this service are :
  •         algorithmic code restructuring to increase performance
  •         efficient use of math, graphics and message passing libraries
  •         profiling or debugging codes that causes problem with scalability or memory balance
  •         I/O optimization
  •         Advanced use of compilers (AVX, ...)
  •         advising on best strategies for porting code

How it works :

After submission of this form, users can expect an initial response within a few days to acknowledge the receipt of the report. Next, our expert will contact you (or the person indicated in the form) to gather the technical informations which are not covered by our survey and to evaluate whenever we are able to provide an effective support. Finally, for a defined period of time, selected projects will be assigned  engineers from Maison de la Simulation. Those engineers in close collaboration with you or your team will help to develop the code which will tackle with initially submitted problems. At the end, each project will be evaluated to check whether the initial objectives have been achieved.
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