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CLONETS, CLOck NETwork Services, D1.2 Technological status and capabilities of Research & Education Networks"

    You are invited to take part in the CLONETS Project survey, which aims to gather information from European research organisations, in order to anticipate the future needs and opportunities for optical fibre-based time and frequency distribution. Please allow up to 40 minutes to complete the online survey.

   The purpose of this particular task is to review current and emerging fibre communication technologies, in particular those deployed by NREN, focusing on their capacity for integration of Time and Frequency transfer.
   Indeed, newly developed T/F technologies are mostly tested over dedicated network under optimal conditions that can be slightly different from typical conditions encountered in real telecommunication networks. Scientists need to find out what is this gap that needs to be filled before implementing their techniques over national and international telecommunication networks.
    This survey is addressed to all Géant members and focuses on 4 aspects of the network:

         - General information
         - Optical fiber network
         - WDM technology deployed over the network
         - Capability of time and frequency transfer over the network
    It covers current topology of the network as well as future deployment within next 3 years.

    Please note that your responses to the survey will only be shared within the CLONETS project team and will not be shared with other survey participants or be made public. RENATER will be responsible for some data processing and analysis and will then pass on the results to UCL/NDFIS who will produce a report on the findings. All response data will be deleted once the report has been produced. Your responses will not be attributed to you unless otherwise indicated, by you, at the end of the survey. Your answers are completely confidential and your rights under the Data Protection Act.
For more information about data protection and CLONETS' policy go to:


  A scientific and technological paradigm change is taking place, concerning the way that very high performance time and frequency reference signals are distributed, moving from radio signal broadcasting to signal transport over optical fibre networks. The latter technology demonstrates performance improvements by orders of magnitude, over distances up to continental scale. Research infrastructures are developing several related technologies, adapted to specific projects and applications.

   The present project aims to prepare the transfer of this new generation of technology to industry and to strengthen the coordination between research infrastructures and the research and education telecommunication networks, in order to prepare the deployment of this technology to create a sustainable, pan-European network, providing high-performance "clock" services to European research infrastructures. Further this core network will be designed to be compatible with a global European vision of time and frequency distribution over telecommunication networks, enabling it to provide support to a multitude of lower-performance time services, responding to the rapidly growing needs created by developments such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

   The project aims at partnership building and innovation for high performance time and frequency (clock) services over optical fibre networks and to prepare the implementation of such a European backbone network.


For more information about CLONETS go to http://www.clonets.eu/

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