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Subject: Announcements of CNRS GDR Interfacial Soft Matter

Description: The organization and dynamics of soft materials can be deeply altered in the vicinity of an interface since the interaction energies there are typically of the same order of magnitude as those involved in the bulk material. Similarly for the bulk, many soft materials can be pictured as “made of interfaces”: systems such as suspensions of particles or droplets are formed of mesoscale objects interacting via intermolecular and surface forces, the details of which control the macroscopic material properties.

Interfaces are indeed at the heart of a wealth of challenging problems in today’s soft matter science, from DNA transcription, to friction and lubrication, charge regulation, and “smart” functional layers requiring novel syntheses. Additionally, many non-equilibrium systems give rise to spontaneous mobility of particles without the need for an external action. All of these systems, typically bear the signatures of thermal agitation. Combining all of these ingredients, the GDR Interfacial Soft Matter (ISM) was created.

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