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Subject: Urban and Landscape Visibility Studies

Description: Visual landscape analysis is a major issue for the diagnosis, qualification and globalization of the understanding of the territories as part of their development. Whether it is to simulate the perception of an observer in situ, to anticipate the impact of microclimatic conditions on the landscape or to imagine a projected landscape, these analyses provide relevant information on the characteristics of a space and its uses. To carry out this type of analysis, there is a large number of approaches that reflect both the diversity of the studied phenomena and the thematic and methodological domains that are involved (from the concrete landscape issue to the landscape economy). The goal here is neither to analyze the eye, eye movements, the fundamentals of visual perception, cognition or behavior, nor computer vision or geovisualization of spatial data, but rather to qualify the environment that is seen as a connection of the observer to the world around him. It is therefore a question of a relation to the landscape through vision, and primacy is thus given to the visual modality. The question of analyses of the visibilities applied to the territory and of their potential contributions to the architectural and urban project, even to urban studies, makes the structuration of a dedicated scientific community relevant.

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