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First proposal for an extension of the CIDOC-CRM relating specifically to historical data interoperability and production

TinyURL to this page: http://tinyurl.com/crm-hist.

Some general principles and needs of historical projects are to be taken into account in the agenda of this project:

  • The model has to cope at the same time with two important issues: provide interoperability for existing datasets and allow data modelling for new data production in several ongoing projects
  • In the domain of data production, historical projects need flexibility and short term adoption of new classes and properties
  • For the sake of interoperability the creation of new classes and properties, and other kind of customizations, should be carried out in an online collaborative platform from which the participating project choose the classes, properties, types, etc. they will use in their local project

Basic principles

The hist extension of the CIDOC-CRM aims at expressing the concepts and modeling practices developed in the symogih.org project using the CIDOC-CRM modelling principles. All hist classes and properties will be expressed as subclasses and subproperties of the CIDOC-CRM entities and properties.

The hist classes and properties are not those found at the moment in the symogih.org ontology but are directly remodeled in a way that is compatible with the CRM. The symogih.org classes and properties will be maintainend as long as necessary for the projects that are using them and will be for this sake aligned as subclasses and subproperties of the CRM and hist extension.

At the same time, the symogih.org ontology will not be any more developed as such but will be progressively absorbed by the hist CRM extension. The latter will be maintained by an international community of historians and computer scientists operating in the form of a consortium for historical data management and interoperability.


The platform is here.

Main issues

See this page.

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