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ML-MTP : Machine Learning in Montpellier, Theory & Practice


Events and news

Coming sessions (zoom link available in the calendar):

  • January, 13, 2PM: “Non-convex sparse regression models” Emmanuel Soubies (CNRS/IRIT)
  • January, 20, 2PM: NeurIPS debriefing
  • February 3, 2PM: Session 3 of the reading group on
  • February 11, 2PM: “A brief tutorial on nonnegative matrix factorization for unsupervised learning” Cédric Févotte (CNRS / Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse, Université de Toulouse)
  • February 18, 2PM: “Exploring deep neural networks via layer-peeled model: Minority collapse in imbalanced training”, Weijie Su (The Wharton School and Computer and Information Science Department, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Past sessions


  • October 28, 2PM: “Introduction to neural network” by Tanguy Lefort (Univ Montpellier / INRIA) and Joseph Salmon (Univ Montpellier), (session 0 for reading group on “Deep Learning : a statistical viewpoint”), tuto_deep.pdf,


Liste of events and news

Calendar links:

Similar events of interest in Montpellier

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