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How to maintain a certain level of wealth in the population

Phenomena taken into consideration

A population derives some benefit from living in a certain environment. However, in this environment, flooding may occur and cause damage. An individual protection measure can be adopted by those who wish and have the means to do so. This measure has a cost but reduces the damage in case of flood. However, the effectiveness of this measure deteriorates over time. Individual motivation to adopt this measure is boosted by three factors: the occurrence of a flood, public information campaigns, information exchange in the individual's social network. Different sequences of floods may occur (at different points in time and with different strengths).

A proposition of modelisation of these phenomena

Description of this risk indicator

The proposed indicator determines the time span for which the sum of individual wealth stays above a chosen value. We can compute the indicator for different sequences of floods and different information campaigns.

A proposition of formalization of the risk indicator

Calculating the indicator and presenting the results

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