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Adding a library to TXM project

Information to add a third-party or custom library to TXM project.

External libraries in TXM should be wrapped into some RCP plug-in project to manage their own version, their own license and to not be updated by the client if not needed/changed.


Example with the Colt library:

  • create a new Plug-in project with pattern org.txm.libs.LIBRARY_NAME, eg.: org.txm.libs.colt
  • set the same string that above as “ID” of plug-in, eg.: org.txm.libs.colt
  • set the “version” of the .jar library that will be wrapped, eg.: 1.2.0
  • set the “vendor” as URL or Name. The “vendor” field is the “provider” field that appears in the “Installation details” table of the about menu in an RCP application
  • eg.: set the “vendor” to: https://dst.lbl.gov/ACSSoftware/colt/
  • uncheck “This plug-in will make contributions to the UI” and create the project
  • create an new folder “lib” at root of the new project
  • move the .jar file to “lib” folder
  • add the .jar to the Java build path in the “Project\Properties\Libraries” tab
  • check the .jar library in the “Project\Properties\Order and Export” tab to export it when building
  • in “plugin.xml\Runtime” tab, expose all the packages of the library
  • in “plugin.xml\Build” tab, check the .jar library
  • the library can now be added to the dependencies of another TXM sub-project
  • (if possible, get the Javadoc (and/or the source) of the used version and add it as ZIP in a non source/exported folder (“doc” and/or “src”) and target it in the “Project\Properties\Libraries” tab)


For legal information management in Eclipse RCP see: https://eclipse.org/legal/guidetolegaldoc.php


  • create a file about.html in the root of the project containing the information and license of the library
  • this file is the one that will be opened when clicking on “Legal info” of a plug-in in the “Installation details” table of an RCP application
  • if the about.html page needs to link some local TXT files (eg.: a local TXT file containing the Apache License content) or some other files, these files must be in a directory named “about_files”
  • TODO: test the behavior with the P2 updates system Wizard
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