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Ligne 61: Ligne 61:
 Needs specific XSL processing: Needs specific XSL processing:
-  * if a word has multiple forms (or edition facets), ​they are placed into the <tei:choiceelement and encoded using appropriate TEI or other namespace elements (e.g. menota) +  * if a word has multiple ​presentation ​forms (or edition facets), ​only one of them is recorded in <​txm:​form>, ​the others become ​<txm:ana
-    * to create multiple editionsa txm:ed attribute is added to the children of the txm:​form/​choice +    * special characters are used to encode additional markup (position of line breakletters ​added to abbreviation expansion, lettrines, etc.) 
-    * the first child of choice ​with @txm:​ed='​default'​ or with no @txm:ed is used to create the default edition+    * different edition facets are built with XSLT scripts
   * line-, column- or page-breaks may occur within <​txm:​form> ​   * line-, column- or page-breaks may occur within <​txm:​form> ​
-    * in that case they are not duplicated in various facets but a separate <​choice>​ is created for the first and the second part. + 
-**Example of the GRAAL corpus with word with multiple surface forms/​facets**+Code example (Queste del saint Graal) ​:
 <code xml> <code xml>
-<w xml:id="w106_002638">​ +<w id="w_qgraal_cm_2643">​ 
-    <​txm:​form+  <​txm:​form>​men<​pb xml:​id="​page_161v"/><​cb xml:​id="​col_161c"/><​lb n="​1"/>​joient</​txm:form
-        <​choice>​ +  <txm:ana resp="none" type="#​dipl">​men/||ioient</txm:ana
-            <me:norm>men</​me:​norm>​ +  <txm:ana resp="none" type="#​facs">​men/||ioient</​txm:​ana
-            <me:dipl txm:​ed="​dipl">​men</​me:​dipl>​ +  <txm:ana resp="none" type="#​pos">​VERcjg</​txm:​ana>​
-            <me:facs txm:​ed="​facs">​men +
-                <​bfm:​hyphen>&​virgmin;</​bfm:​hyphen>​ +
-            </​me:​facs>​ +
-        </​choice>​ +
-        ​<pb xml:​id="​page_161v" facs="​lyonbm_pa77-161v.jpg"/> +
-        ​<cb xml:​id="​col_161c" facs="​lyonbm_pa77-161c_opti.jpg"​ n="7"/> +
-        ​<lb n="​1"/​+
-        <​choice>​ +
-            <me:norm>​joient</​me:norm+
-            <me:​dipl ​txm:ed="​dipl">​ioient</​me:dipl+
-            <me:​facs ​txm:ed="​facs">​ioient</​me:​facs>​ +
-        </​choice>​ +
-    ​</txm:form+
-    <txm:ana resp="#editor" type="#​pos">​VERcjg</​txm:​ana>​+
 </w> </w>
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ==== planned ==== ==== planned ====
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