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TXM Extension points


Plug-in org.txm.core

Plug-in org.txm.chartsengine.core

  • org.txm.chartsengine.chartsengine (abstract point for charts engines implementations/contributions), location: /org.txm.chartsengine.core/schema/org.txm.chartsengine.chartcreator.exsd
    • String name
      • internal name
    • String description
      • description, used in UI (preferences page) or log
  • org.txm.chartsengine.chartcreator, location: /org.txm.chartsengine.core/schema/org.txm.chartsengine.chartsengine.exsd
    • String chartType
      • The type of the chart. This attribute is dedicated to manage most charts from one result type, eg. Partition dimensions bar chart or pie chart, and can be left empty if only one chart type is needed. If empty the chart type will be the result data type class name.
    • String fileNamePrefix
      • The prefix that will be added to the generated file name if the charts engine implementation is based on files for the chart objects. File java class needs prefix at least three characters long. It will be right padded with underscore characters by the chats engine if it's shorten. Implementation examples: “cah”, “progression”, etc.


Plug-in org.txm.rcp

  • org.txm.rcp.extensionpoint.backtotext, location: /org.txm.rcp/schema/org.txm.rcp.extensionpoint.backtotext.exsd
  • org.txm.rcp.extentionpoint.command, location: /org.txm.rcp/schema/org.txm.rcp.extentionpoint.command.exsd

Plug-in org.txm.chartsengine.rcp

  • org.txm.rcp.swtchartscomponentsprovider (abstract point for SWT components that can read and manage some chart objects), location: /org.txm.chartsengine.rcp/schema/org.txm.rcp.swtchartscomponentsprovider.exsd
    • String name
      • used in UI or log, _need to check is it's sill useful and may remove this attribute_
    • String inputFormat
      • list of input formats supported by the editors of the SWT components provider, eg. comma separated values “bmp,png,svg,jfreechart”, used to find a SWT chart components provider that supports the current charts engine output format
  • org.txm.chartsengine.eventcallback (user entries callbacks that will be registered when creating the ChartEditorPart for mouse or key events), location: /org.txm.chartsengine.rcp/schema/org.txm.chartsengine.eventcallback.exsd
    • String chartsEngineName
      • internal charts engine name for which the callback is valid
    • String resultDataClass
      • runtime class name of the TXMResult that the callback can manage
    • String chartType
      • same as chart creator extension, used to associate a callback to a chart type with same TXMResult, if empty the callback will be registered to all chart types


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