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Translation of the TXM Graphical User Interface

A) Translate the GUI strings on line with Transifex

Tutorial to translate TXM GUI character strings on the Transifex web site:

  • connect to the Transifex site https://www.transifex.com
    • create a free account if needed and validate it from your mailbox
  • search for the TXM project
  • click on the language name you want to translate to
    • if the language you want to translate to is missing, contact the maintainer [Serge Heiden] to add the language to the list
  • click on the ressource named messages.properties
    • if you are not a member of the translation team for that language yet, click on 'Join team' to be incorporated
  • then
    • a) click on Translate now and translate directly on line
    • b) or click on Download for translation to translate locally and upload your translations later

As an order of magnitude, it takes two days full time for one person to translate all the strings of the GUI.

B) Translate the GUI strings off line in TXM

write here the procedure when the specifications and tools will be ready: specifications
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