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Simple tuning of text editions with the XTZ+CSV import module


With the XTZ+CSV import module1), the best way to build yourself the editions of texts during import is to use front XSLs in step '4-edition': add an 'xsl' directory in your sources, then add a '4-edition' directory in it, and then add XSL style sheets in it (in the 'xsl/4-edition' directory). Those XSLs will be called successively to build the editions of the texts of your corpus during import, bypassing the default XTZ+CSV 'Pager' processing to build editions. The XSL stylesheets are applied to the XML-TEI TXM version of each text, managing the <w> elements built previously by TXM during import, to produce files in the XHTML format for each page.

Instead of building completely the editions by XSL yourself, it is possible to only tune the default text editions produced by the XTZ+CSV import module. This is the subject of this tutorial.

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